Taking the pain like a real man…Not!

contemplating: should I or shouldn’t I?

I’ve been meaning to get inked for a while now.  My cousin, a big tattoo addict has around 5 tattoos already and he had been pestering me non-stop to get one too.  My sister had two done on her first visit, and barely 2 months after she added 2 more.  Her boyfriend then, had just started dabbling in tattoo designing and unbelievably, has gotten better over time.  Now, he is their go-to guy.  He has also enjoyed an steady stream of loyal patrons, mostly through word of mouth generated by both my sister and my cousin.

Call it peer pressure but I’m just about ready to join the tattoo bandwagon.  They say the first step to getting inked is to choose a great design, and I already have one in mind.  Now that that’s out of way, all that remains is to schedule when I’m getting one.

Now here lies the problem.  I have such low-tolerance for pain!  Getting a schedule won’t be a problem, it’s the thought of sitting through the entire experience and being able to endure the whole ordeal that scares me. I’m afraid that if and when I get inked, and during the process couldn’t take the excruciating pain, I may end up with a half-finished tattoo somewhere.  Imagine the horror that entails.  Looking into the mirror everyday and being reminded that I was too much of a chicken is something I am positively not ready for in the future. So now I’ve been scouring the internet for something to help lessen the pain during the inking process.  I couldn’t find anything remotely helpful that’s currently sold here in the Philippines but I did hear about a numbing spray that supposedly potent enough to render me pain-free for as long as 2 hours.  Problem is, the product is something that’s sold in Australia and they don’t ship outside that country yet.

So shall I go ahead and place an order for Natural Look’s Numbing Spray and get tattooed soon or should I just forget getting inked at all! Who knew getting a tattoo or not could be such a chore.


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