Teen Horniness IS a Crime!

I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a recording she supposedly made for her film SouthLand Tales.

The title of the song is Teen Horniness is not a Crime, a Britny-ish pop song that unapologetically parodizes teen sex. The song is catchy and in no time I was addicted to it.

However, my dear Sarah is soo wrong. Teen Horniness is indeed a crime. Case in point, an acquaitance of mine went to a CR in MRT Station. Inside, he saw a guy, barely past 18 years old. The young guy looked at my friend and motioned him to join him inside the cubicle.
It could have been a scene right out of my favorite Jeff Stryker porn. The guy was groping my friend and was excitedly tugging the zipper of his pants down.

Then came a knock on the cubicle door. The janitor must have seen both of them enter the cubicle together and alerted the MRT security. My hapless friend was taken, together with the guy to the mall security. They asked for his id and threatened my friend that they’ll have his parents bail him out of there. Thankfully my friend still had P100 with him. He offered this to the security when they started asking that he give them his mobile phone. I dunno, maybe the guards just needed money to buy coffee so they took the money and let my friend go.

My friend was shaking while relating his ordeal to me in ChowKing Starmall. He looked really pale, and seemd to have aged 5 years in such a short time.

It was both humorous, and scary as well. My friend could have been subjected to utmost shame by forcibly outing himself to his parents had the guards decided to contact them instead.

How many dangers such as this must we face till we learn our lesson. Yes, public sex hold a horrid thrill to it, but, at the end of the day, is it really worth it?

Now you can listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzye7gZOlXQ

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