Nokia Lumia 900: A closer look


Nokia’s newest looker is said to set the bar really high for all smartphones out there not named iPhone.  Smarting up from a massive fall from grace last year, the Finnish giant found a ray of light and some semblance of salvation after partnering with software giant Microsoft early this year.  Three Lumia’s after, is the new Lumia 900 living up to the hype?

It would be huge disservice for this beautiful creation to be called just a bigger Lumia 800 because clearly, it not.  Let’s take a closer look at what’s new with Lumia 900.

Bigger is Better?

The new Lumia 900 is a tad bigger than its predecessor.  Nokia certainly did not scrimp on this one.  The 4.3-inch AMOLED screen backed with ClearBlack technology is a stunner! The bigger screen renders everything in it just short of amazing.  Reading e-books, playing games, reading sms just feels so much better!

Beautiful inside out

Now, the cliched “what is beauty if the brain is empty” is put to its ultimate test.  The guys at Nokia did not forget about that too.  The Lumia 900’s stunning exterior is match with the latest technology can offer.  No, it’s not quadcore but the 1.4GHz Quallcomm processor packs enough fire power to run everything you asks from it quite snappily.  Play games, compose and send sms and emails, stream movies, the Lumia 900 performs above all expectations.

Battery life just okay

One would think that a device as big as Lumia 900 would require using a bit of power and that its juice would run out faster than you can find the nearest power source but the phone managed a respectable 15 hours of moderate usage before the WP7 battery saver kicks in.  The difference between Lumia 800 and Lumia 900’s battery life is truly a big leap to greatness.  Checking notifications, updating Facebook and Twitter and reading social networking feeds, sending sms, making calls, playing games, streaming movies, taking pictures, the phone has been subjected to every daily task imaginable for the entire day and its battery did not show any signs giving up.

Nokia apps and Windows Phone 7

Nokia maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia music, all for free should be reason enough to love this phone, but the fact that these apps work seamlessly with Windows Phone 7 technology is perhaps the bigger reason to jump ship to Nokia.  The OS feels right at home as its very reminiscent of the reason most people loved Nokia before, ease of use and user-friendliness.  I’m a bit turned off that Nokia has chosen to take the path of Apple and decided that everything you needed to put into the phone has to be done via Zune but other than that, everything else works with me.

Camera a hit or miss

The Lumia 900 features a Carl Zeiss 8-megapixel f/2.2 camera and dual LED flash.  This all look good in paper but in reality, the camera is a bit hit or miss.  That’s not saying the Lumia 900 takes bad pictures, because it doesn’t.  It’s just that you can’t expect good photos everytime.  I’m thinking it could be more of an OS problem rather than the device itself as the camera technology used by Nokia for most of its premium phones just top-notch. I hope that’s the case so an OS update can easily remedy the problem.  We’ll see in the next few months.

Last Words

The Lumia 900 is definitely a step above the Lumia 800 in more ways than one.  I personally love the phone.  I am in-love with the bigger, brighter screen! I am more in-love with the free Nokia apps and I am super into the WP 7 OS.  It’s a very solid device that everything boils down to personal preference and of course the price range. The retail price is a bit steep at 27k and there are indeed better phones out there at the same price range.  All I can say is that me and my Lumia 900 will be together for a long time.


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