Sharon Cuneta: Negastar?!

I went with my cousin to his barber earlier.  I didn’t have any appointment myself that time so I decided to wait for him to finish so we could have dinner together.

While waiting, the barber good-naturedly offered me some tabloids to read so I don’t get bored.  While browsing, one of the headlines caught my attention.

Sharon Cuneta: “my daughter only dates real men now”

Now, I’m never one of the Megastar’s fan but I do respect her talents as an actress.  Her statement though, bothered me.  Why would she say something like that?  It’s obvious that she was referring to her daughter and Piolo Pascual’s breakup ages ago.

The Megastar has been a “victim” of twitter bashing several months now.  I had the word victim placed inside a quotation mark as I no longer feel that Sharon is a victim, no, not anymore.

Piolo, in all fairness has made no comments to both mother and daughter’s damaging insinuation.  He hasn’t spoken about it at all.  The Megastar however, with every chance she gets, continuously takes every opportunity to make snide comments about the actor.  It makes one wonder who got hurt more, mother or daughter?

I do not support twitter bashing, but as one saying goes “if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”  Sharon would do well to follow this.  It would also help if she reigns her mouth in and consider everything first before talking.  True, bad publicity is still publicity, but she has worked so hard for her name to taint it like this, at this point where she should be focusing on keeping a good name, what with the government elections looming.

Sharon’s moniker as a Megastar is slowly turning into the Negastar! Sad.



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