Fisherman’s Farm


I have to write this down least I forget about it later.  I just want to share this really nice place me and my officemates found out last night.

Fisherman’s Farm is roughly an hour or two bus ride away from Manila. Nestled in the heart of Dasma, Cavite, Fisherman’s Farm offers a welcome respite from all the hustle of the busy city life. The resort offers rest-inducing activities such as butterfly-hunting, fishing and just luxuriating in their super-powered jacuzzi/pool.

The resort offers an escape from all things modern normally found in the metropolis. Nipa cottages with floors made of bamboo built just above the surface of the nearby pond offers an exhilirating view of the entire resort.

Now, don’t get me started on their air-conditioned rooms. The room we got was spacious and included two double-sized beds. The bedsheets and the pillow cases smell of fresh daisies. The room can accomodate around 10-15 travellers as they also provide “banigs” or mats for the rest of your friends to use free of charge!

ImageThe pool is simply magnificent. There’s a man-made waterfall, a small pool for kids connected to a huge pool for adults.

All the time I was there, I was thinking how the place brought out the romantic in me. It’s perfect for those “time alone” with your beloved, or simply bonding with your friends.

I guess one needs to experience the peace and serenity the place brings. If you want an alternative to your usual out-of-city adventure, please do yourself a favor and visit Fisherman’s Farm in Cavite because believe me, you’ll be glad you did.



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