Idol Runner Jessica Sanchez’s 5-city Philippine Solo Concert a go!


Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez is all set to finally sing to her Filipino fans as new FM station Radio High 105.9 signs up the petite powerhouse diva for a 5-city Philippine concert tour!

Jessica’s solo concert is scheduled after her American Idol engagement together with the rest of the Idol finalist on September 21, 2012.

This is a welcome news to all of Jessica’s Filipino fans following a report that she will have no solo Manila concert after a previous bidding fell through.

Thankfully, new negotiations were initiated by Radio High, whose chair and CEO is Francis Lumen, a veteran concert promoter

Reports say that Manila, Bataan (her mother’s hometown), Baguio, Cebu and Davao are the cities the petite singer will be visiting during her concert series.  An additional show to be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila is being negotiated, the source added.

Cant wait for September because like Tommy Mottola, I want to be in Jessica’s first solo concert too!


1 Comment

  1. The first Filipino who first set his
    foot to the foreign land many many years
    ago, had a big dream and a vision, that
    by helping family back home will help
    the country’s economy.

    He was a good example to Filipinos who
    then followed his footsteps.

    If he is only alive today, he will be
    extremely happy and proud of all the
    millions of Filipinos abroad, whose
    collective accomplishment is helping our
    nation’s economy.

    If he is only alive today, he will be
    extremely proud of Filipinos abroad (
    whom he referred to as his grandchildren
    and great grandchildren)
    who are gaining recognition at world
    stage level.

    Jessica Sanchez is just one of them!

    Welcome Home Jessica! you are one of the
    products of the courage and sacrifices
    of our great grandfather.


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