Did Ruffa over-react to Paparazzi segment?

Watch the video after the break and decide if Ruffa Gutierrez over-reacted to the Paparazzi segment.

The segment started out okay with a visibly happy Ruffa Gutierrez interacting with co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez, Mr. Fu, Zoren Legazpi and Cristy Fermin.  Note that Ruffa looked shocked with some of the questions whispered to her but still managed to give her answers.  She did try to deflect some of the other questions by either standing up or changing the topic.

It was during Mr. Fu’s turn that the actress looked visibly upset.  Mr. Fu, before asking his question told Ruffa:

 “Pag tinanong kita, dapat friends pa rin tayo, ha.” (We should still be friends after I ask you my question, okay?)

He also added that Ruffa shouldn’t take the question seriously.

But it looks like she did.  The actress was professional enough to end the show without walking out.  But she took to Twitter immediately after the show ended.

Video courtesy of pep.ph

So what do you guys think? Do you think Ruffa overreacted? Would love to read your comments.


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