Penshoppe: No Love for local endorsers?

Zac Efron courtesy of Penshoppe

If you travel via EDSA on a regular basis, be it by bus, your own car, taxi or even MRT, you would have noticed Penshoppe’s huge billboard of all their current endorsers; Zac Efron, Iam Somerhalder, Mario Maurer, and Ed Westwick.

Now one wonders, why Penshoppe, a Filipino brand would go to great lengths to sign all this foreign endorsers but not local ones.  Common sense dictates that should Penshoppe opt for local celebrities, they would definitely reduce their advertising costs.

Penshoppe got no love for local endorsers?

Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe’s brand director disagrees.  He shares the following benefits local brands get from an international endorser:

1. World-class quality
“An international endorser implies that the brand has gone global and that its products are world-standard,” said Mendoza. After all, why would a brand embark on an expensive global campaign if it is not even ready to begin with?

2. Heightened advertising
To sell a product, people must first look at it. And what better way to get the attention of the public than by having a foreign celebrity endorsing your brand? And yes, a foreign endorser, as Mendoza would put it, “sparks the interest of all socio-economic classes”.

3. Going after the international market
Aside from getting the attention of the local market, the foreign market will give your brand a second look as they are familiar with the endorser. “It draws the attention of the international market towards the brand,” said Mendoza.

4. Expansion
Getting an international celebrity is not only about adding prestige to your marketing campaigns, it’s also about making your brand familiar with untapped markets. “It makes it easier for the brand to expand into new territories (since the people will be familiar with the endorser),” said Mendoza.

5. Brand upgrade
Getting an international celebrity to endorse a brand is like giving the brand a facelift. “It upgrades the image of the brand,”.

Mendoza’s points do make sense.  I still personally think,  that a local endorser, randomly thrown in the mix wouldn’t hurt as “Pinoy Pride” is just too strong to be slighted like that.

But of course, that’s just me.



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