TV5 execs weigh on Ruffa vs Paparazzi issue!

In separate interviews, TV5 execs Percy Intalan (Creative and Entertainment Production head) and Paolo Bediones (Programming Manager) aired out their stand on the recent issue surrounding actress Ruffa Gutierrez and her show Paparazzi.

As previously written, the actress fired up on Twitter after what she felt was a disrespectful treatment during the show’s birthday presentation for her.

Ruffa claimed that she felt insulted with how Paparazzi treated her birthday presentation last Saturday.  The actress also announced her resignation from the show and said that she will no longer be appearing in its future episodes.

Perci Intalan, in an interview, stated that the management team of TV5 will be conducting an investigation about what transpired during the airing of the show’s particular episode.  He was especially very cautious in answering questions about the issue and was repeatedly saying that he did not want to preempt the investigation.  When asked about the fate of Mr. Fu, who was reportedly the host who asked the offending question, he again reiterated his desire not to say anything so as not to preempt their scheduled management meeting. 

Meanwhile, in a different interview, Paolo Bediones says that the story has become very messy because of the different versions that came out.

 “That’s a hard thing, e. When you have something like that and it ends up being an issue that obviously a lot of people are involved in.

“Whether they’re at fault or not, is not the issue—it’s that you’re gonna be hearing a lot of sides.

“And usually that’s when it gets pretty messy, you know, when you have so many versions of the story coming out.

“Especially, with the advent of social media, then you have all of these people with their own theories and opinions. And they end up fanning the flames.

Paolo offered several scenarios about why Ruffa acted like she did citing that the actress could be having a bad day or was simply not in the mood for such exchange.  He even talked about his experience in the past being put on the spot exactly like Ruffa was.

Apparently, we wont be seeing the end of this controversy anytime soon.




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