After 2 weeks of primping up for an all-guy singles party, the day I’ve been looking forward to finally came!

The party venue was in an obscure resort in Bacoor, Cavite. The text invitation I got said that the party starts at 8pm. I was already getting ready at 4pm and to say that I was/am very excited for this event is an understatement! I am beyond excited, I am exhilirated!

Around 5pm, me and my cousin were on our way to SM Manila. I  texted a couple of guys hoping one of them could go with us and got but one reply,  he arranged for us to meet up in SM Manila but an hour had passed and still no sign of him. That should have given me an idea of what’s in store, but ever the optimist, I decided to still give it a go. Nothing changes my mind once it’s made up, well at least most of the time.

The bus ride to Bacoor was thankfully uneventful. I slept the whole time.  Our ordeal started when we got to SM Bacoor, we were instructed to look for a multicab that will bring us to Jolibee Molino and we did.

Imagine my surprise when we had to fall in line just to board the cab. The line was amazingly long.  We had to wait for 3 more trips before we got the chance to board. At that moment, I was already considering going home, but we have come this far and there’s no turning back.

Inside the multicab, I inwardly cursed myself for agreeing to do this shit. The space is cramped up and there isn’t even enough leg room. I didn’t know Cavite could be so backward. Multicab? Why not FX, or a van. Why this sorry excuse for a vehicle.

I didn’t want a little setback to ruin what could be a potentially fun night so I endured the hour long trip. The road was bumpy and I can hardly seen anything outside. It was dusty inside and the long ride is plain horrible. I tried to keep my call and played a game on my mobile phone instead, thankfully that took my mind off the horrendously long ride to Jolibee-Molino.

After what felt like hours, we finally reached our destination.  I hurriedly excused myself and went straight to the loo to wash up. I felt all dirty and grimy. My boyscout training came in handy as I came prepared, I took out  a wet towel from my bag and that  helped made me feel cleaner, hurray!

While I was patting myself dry, a cute chinito guy with anime-inspired hair and glutathaione-fair skin took a leak. I  knew he was going to the same party and would have wanted to talk to him so we can go together but decided against doing so.  Plenty of time to get to know him later.

We had dinner at Jolibee and after we finished, I promptly texted the person who was supposed to pick us up from there. He texted back saying he was on his way.  I told my cousin about his reply and we decided to wait outside for him.

Outside, we saw a couple more guys. none of which were potentially good-looking. I sighed and took a cig  from my bag. God, if the waiting continues, I’d probably die of boredom.

I was finishing my second stick when a text message came. It was from the guy I was texting with earlier and he said he was already there. We met up with him and he introduced us to the other guys. He said we had to wait for the others who were also going with us.

We waited for another hour and by then I was already visibly pissed. I asked him how much longer do we need to wait. He must have sensed my boredom kicking in so he took his mobile out, dialled some number and within 2 minutes, another multicab arrived to picked us up.

There were 6 of us inside but we never spoke to each other. So much for meeting new friends there eh. The trip was thankfully short and we finally made it to the venue.

The resort was small. Like literally. There were a couple of guys there but much like when we were inside the multicab, everybody went about doing their own thing. It felt like being in a party that was never a party.

After 3 more hours of endless introduction, me and my cousin decided to call it a night.  We left around 11 pm and decided to meet up with a co-worker who lived near the area.  We had a greater time with them that when we were on that party.

We went back to manila around 5am and on our way I was silently telling myself “NEVER AGAIN!”  A text message came and it was from the same guy that picked both of us from Jolibee Molino.  He was once again inviting us to join them next time.  I deleted him off my contacts and turned my phone off.  NEVER again.


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