Xian Lim on courting Kim Chiu: what’s your take?

Don’t go breaking her heart, Xian Lim!

There’s been a lot of skepticism thrown over Xian Lim’s true intentions for courting prime Kapamilya talent, Kim Chiu.   The actor has repeatedly denied courting Kim to help establish his career but tongues are still talking.

So is he really sincere? My gut tells me no, but Xian insists he is.

Something about him creeps me out, and it doesn’t help that talks about his shadowed past just wont stop.  To borrow Ruffa’s recent line:

I can’t erase my past but I can re-write my future.

Fair enough, but until he really does something to prove that he is indeed truly into Kim and not in it to ride on her popularity then I will never never stop doubting him.

Of course, Xian won’t care about what people like us think, and I believe the powers-that-be inside their network will continue milking the pairing for all it’s worth, I just hope they don’t leave Kim with her heart broken.




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