The One that Got Away

Ours was a relationship fraught with challenges even from the start.  He was the office newbie and I was one of the vets.  It all started with his smile.  There I was minding my own business and doing my own thing when he rush past my station and smiled at me.  That smile changed everything.

By some stroke of luck, he was assigned in the same department I was with.  You know how it is when you work together in close proximity.  You find yourself falling.  Well I did.

We became the best of buds, we would go out together drinking and partying, and we’d both get really drunk.  It wasn’t until what seemed like the nth seem drinking together that we finally had the chance to talk.

He told me about him and his partner.  He said they’ve been together for 2 years now but recently things have turned sour.  He talked about how hard it was for him to be with his partner and be unhappy.  That night he cried and I just let him.  Words were not needed.   That same night we kissed…

I reported to work the next day giddy with happiness but as soon as I got in the office.  My happiness faded.  I was advised by a co-worker that he had called in sick.  I called him but his phone was turned off. I tried hundreds of time but no luck.

That afternoon, while I was lounging outside our office’s reception area with my office bff when he nudged me to look at a tall guy entering the office.  I wasn’t interested so I went back to talking but stopped when I heard the tall guy was looking for Ken.  The receptionist told him to wait so she could check.  I followed the receptionist inside to ask her why the guy was looking for Ken and she said she’ll ask him about it.  I went back and waited.  Jen came out and told the guy Ken didn’t come to work, she asked him why he was looking for Ken and the guys just nodded his head and left.

The next day, Ken still didn’t report for work and that same afternoon the tall guy went back.  I was busy working on a deadline when Jen went to my station to inform me that the tall guy is Ken’s partner…


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