Joey Reyes on Sharon Cuneta “I wish somebody would tell her stop”

Sharon Cuneta: determined to commit career suicide?

Twitterlandia is once again abuzz when multi-awarded director Joey Reyes commented on Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s recent and not so recent Twitter outburst.

Reyes, who is very close to Cuneta  expressed his concern about Sharon’s recent use (or misuse) of the popular social media side to react to her bashers.  In her most recent dalliance with ABS-CBN PR Head Eric John Salut, he was quoted to have said:

“I wish somebody can tell her to stop.

“I tried… pero dinedma ako. (I tried…but I was ignored)

“I feel so bad because she is so determined to fulfill her career suicide…”

The comment was met with mixed reactions from both Cuneta’s Twitter followers and non-followers.  The director was said to be in shocked with the reactions he got for his statement.  It has been noted that he didn’t feel as comfortable as before co-hosting his midnight talkshow in TV5 Juicy.


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