Maricel Soriano now a showbiz orphan

Dolphy’s death leaves Maricel Soriano a showbiz orphan


With the death of Comedy King, Dolphy, Maricel Soriano officially becomes a showbiz orphan.

Maricel starred with both the King of Comedy and the equally talented Nida Blanca in what could be the Philippines longest running sitcom, John En Marsha.  She played the role of Dolphy and Nida’s sharped-tongued daughter, Shirley.

The show,  created by Adíng Fernando, it aired on RPN and starred Dolphy, the late Nida BlancaDely Atay-Atayan and Maricel Soriano. The show ran weekly from 1973 to 1990.  A reboot of the show, John En Shirley, aired on ABS-CBN in 2006 with her and Dolphy reprising their old roles.

The Diamond Star of Philippine showbiz is now left to deal with another painful news.  Losing Nida, her showbiz mom in 2001 and now her showbiz dad and mentor, Dolphy in 2012.

The actress had been known to deal with the pain of loss privately.  In contrast to other showbiz personalities who would gladly jump at the chance to hog the limelight, even during times as trying as death, the actress chooses to deal and accept her pain away from the prying of the media.

Reports claimed that Maricel visited Makati Medical Center immediately after learning of Dolphy’s demise.

We hope that the actress, like the rest of the Quizon family, finds the strength and the power to accept the Comedy King’s death whole-heartedly.



  1. Paalam po tatay dolphy..sobrang nalungkot po ang aking tatay nuong nalaman nya na pumanaw na kau.sobrang pinakaIDOLO nya po kau.may u rest in PEACE!salamat po sa mga ibinigay nyong alala sa buong sambayanang FILIPO.sabi nyo nga po,can press PLAY@makakasama na uli namin kau..

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