10 Life’s Lessons from the Comedy King

Dolphy: A life well lived!

Chanced upon this wonderful piece of writing from spot.ph.  I’m reposting this entry to celebrate the late Comedy King’s life…a life that’s truly well lived.

Dolphy’s illustrious career is not without missteps and intrigues.  We will do well to read and learn from the lessons he had learned himself during his journey.

1. Never apologize for living by your own rules.

2. Just because you’re a big star, it doesn’t mean you’ll be a hit as a politician.

3. Success doesn’t come in a snap, so you have to start somewhere and keep going.

4. When you make a mistake, own up to it and take the criticism like a man.

5. Never kiss and tell.

6. Be genuinely gracious to your ex.

7. Remain levelheaded, even when there are people who seem to want you dead.

8. When possible, plan ahead.

9. Unless you’re incapacitated, maimed, or no longer breathing, the show must go on.

10. Any job which doesn’t involve robbing people is a good job.

Read the details for each of lessons listed above here.

Credits goes to the author and spot.ph


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