Katie Holmes agrees to keep mum about split from Tom Cruise

Katie and Suri Cruise

In the most recent development about Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce proceedings, the Dawson’s Creek actress has agreed to a confidentiality agreement as part of their settlement.

The former couple—who split last month after five years of marriage—agreed conditions to end their union on Monday (July 9), with the terms said to include the actress agreeing not to speak about her estranged spouse’s personal life or his religion, Scientology.

According to a source:

”Confidentiality was the key. If Katie hadn’t signed up to remain silent it could have become a very messy legal battle.”

Representatives from both sides insisted on keeping the details of their settlement private, though it is believed Katie will get primary custody of their six-year-old daughter Suri, with Tom allowed visitation rights.

Suri’s welfare could have prompted both parties to settle in private despite initial reports of a public court battle.  Katie and Tom were reportedly worried that Suri could be ”irreparably damaged” by the bruohaha surrounding their separation that they both decided to agree to a quick resolution.




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