Zsa Zsa Padilla and Dolphy: Through the years

The Divine Diva brought everyone to tears

The Comedy King’s long-time partner took to the podium to talk about the late actor one more time and brought everyone to tears.

It was her first time to talk in front of everyone since Dolphy was confined to the hospital because of COPD.  The singer-actress was already in tears even before she reached the podium.

Zsa Zsa recalled with fondness the happy times she shared with the Comedy King.  She also talked about his resiliency and how his ordeal brought their whole family together.  She also took the opportunity to thank those who were there for Dolphy while he was still battling his illness and recalled how Dolphy was as a partner.

But it was when she started singing that everyone finally felt the loss that the late actor’s death brought.  Zsa Zsa, in what can be considered as the greatest tribute to the man she and the rest of world loved sang their theme song “Through the Years” acapella.

The Divine Diva brought the star-studded audience and the rest of the world watching to tears…

Watch the heart-breaking video here.


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