Amalia Fuentes calls Annabelle “uncivilize”

Amalia Fuentes and Annabelle Rama

Former movie queen Amalia Fuentes lashes out on Annabelle Rama after the latest scandal figuring the the feisty talent manager.

Annabelle claimed that it was Amalia who “master-minded” her recent altercation with movie and entertainment writer Chito Alcid on July 13, Friday at the comedy King Dolphy’s wake.

The scene witnessed by showbiz, business and government personalities caught the showbiz industry by storm.  Many expressed disgusts at Annabelle’s lack of “breeding” and at her tendency to flare-up violently even at the most inappropriate places and at the most inappropriate times.  Annabelle had since issued a apology statement to Zsa Zsa Padilla, Erik Quizon and the rest of the Quizon family.

Amalia had this to say:

“For the longest time, Annabelle has been provoking me—at my late husband‘s [Joey Stevens] wake, at the court, Erap‘s birthday party, and now at Dolphy‘s wake.

“I have decided, however, that I will never be a party to any of her cheap theatrics. I will not stoop down to her level as I have no intention to match her foul mouth and uncivilized behavior.

“What happened at Dolphy‘s wake, witnessed by respectable people from showbiz, government, and business, clearly shows the kind of woman she is. For all her scandals, she has no one else to blame but herself.”

We’d have to agree on this one.


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