Annabelle Rama claims Alcid “provoked” her

Annabelle Rama blames outburst to high-blood

Annabelle Rama really knows how to court public ire.

The feisty talent manager chalked her recent public outburst to “high-blood” and claimed entertainment writer Chito Alcid provoked her during the dinner at the Comedy King’s wake last Friday.

Annabelle promptly apologized for her inappropriate behavior to Eric and the rest of the Quizon family.

 “To Zsa Zsa and the Quizon family, I am so sorry for what had happened at the dining area of the Heritage. I was provoked by a fake reporter”

The actor graciously accepted   the apology and joked that Dolphy would have just laughed at her.

In addition to supposedly being provoked, Annabelle also claimed that Alcid wanted to hit her in the face with an iPad.  She claimed that she was able to find a cane to defend herself.  Alcid reportedly fled after seeing the cane but Annabelle ran after him, cane in hand. It was Governor Chavit Singson, German Moreno and Epy Quizon that saved Alcid from being bashed in the face.

Rama took to Twitter to taunt Alcid saying that nobody came to help him out after he tumbled in his haste fleeing from her.

Annabelle claimed that it was Amalia Fuentes, another former movie queen that “masterminded” the incident hoping to turn public attention away from her highly publicized scandal with her tenants a week ago.


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