Nokia Asha 305 ups the ante with Dual Sim Touchscreen

The Asha 305 with Dual Sim/Touchscreen

Nokia is pulling all the stops to reclaim some of its old glory back.

The Finnish phone maker is continuing its dominance over entry level, dual sim mobile phones and this time its banking on the success of its Asha lineup.

The Nokia Asha 305 (suggested retail price: P3,890) comes with the exclusive EA (Electronic Arts) Games Pack. This contains 40 free best-selling titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed, The Sims, and Fifa 2012 and if you that ain’t enough, you can find more games and apps like WhatsApp and Foursquare and hundreds more at the Nokia Store.

The Asha 305 also makes it fun and easy to stay in touch with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and IM. Its 2MP camera wont be converting Android and iPhone users anytime soon but its dual-sim capability with Easy Swap port and Sim Card Manager makes it a perfect choice for a spare phone.

The phone is available in four different colors: silver white, red, mid blue, and dark grey.

The single SIM version, The Asha 306 will be available in stores towards end of July 2012.



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