The Dark Knight Rises: Movie Review Collection

Christian Bale as Batman, will he be enough?

As DC Comics hold their breath in anticipation of their latest superhero movie box office receipts, the rest of the world is left to decide:  Will “The Dark Knight” disassemble Marvel’s mega-hit, Avengers?

While waiting for the dust to settle, I have collected several movie reviews across the internet to help you make that all important decision: part with your hard-earned bucks and watch Batman as he rises for the last time (at least until the next Bat movie).

Will Batman’s latest screen outing be enough to drive people out of their homes to the movie house? Who is the better Catwoman? Anne or Michelle? Will Bane break the Bat like he did in the comics?

This and several other questions will be answered in time.  For now, we wait.


1 Comment

  1. After seeing The Dark Knight Rises a few days ago. IMO The Dark Knight is the better movie because the acting. Heath Ledger’s Joker tops Tom Hardy’s Bane by a mile. Christian Bale continues as a decent Batman, but I do not appreciate the trilogy because of him, not by a longshot.

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