Susan Sarandon: Bad Girl?

Susan sarandon courtesy of

The actress has taken on daring roles as nun Sister Helen Prejean in ‘Dead Man Walking’ and lesbian vampire Sarah Roberts in ‘The Hunger’, and finds darker characters more fun.i

She said:

‘Sure I do. Because you get to say and do things that you never in a million years would do. And very often the bad guys are written just so much better than the good guys.

‘If you look at Sister Helen in ‘Dead Man Walking’ I just walk around saying constantly, ‘Let us pray’ and, ‘I’m sorry’ – there’s so much more to play when someone is evil.’

Susan, 65, has spent a long time in Hollywood, but chooses to live in New York, as she finds it more real.

She told the Guardian newspaper:

‘That’s why I live in New York. There you’re not isolated, you’re on foot, you’re just like everybody else. It’s easier to avoid thinking of yourself as someone special behind a gate.’

The veteran star also has a tattoo on her wrist, reading ‘ANDAND’ to remind her to always be authentic.

‘It means ‘a new dawn, a new day.’ It reminds me that whatever happens you can’t assume anything. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are living authentic lives.’



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