Twitter poser prompted Angel Locsin to temporarily stop twitting

Twitter’s finest: Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin used to be one of those celebrities actively participating in social networking media Twitter.  The Kapamilya actress had since noticeably stopped twitting following an incident with a Twitter poser.

Angel has more than 2 million followers and is one of the very few local celebrities to have over 1 million Twitter followers.

She revealed that she decided to stop tweeting because of her Twitter poser.

“Ang pangalan ko, 143RedAngel, ang sa kanya, imbes na 1, L naman.”“My Twitter handle is 143RedAngel, the poser had the letter L instead of the number 1.”

Angel claimed that she didn’t mind the poser at first, but then things got out of hand when her poser started twitting bad things against other celebrities.  She also added that some of the celebrities would even tweet her poser back.

Angel tried reasoning with her poser and requested that he/she changed her Twitter name but to no avail.  The actress claimed that instead of continuously trying to explain to people that it wasn’t her and that it was her poser who’d send the offending tweet, she decided to just  stop sending tweets ultimately.

“So, ako, parang na-conscious akong mag-tweet at baka-i-retweet tapos maging negative. Maging isyu tapos sasagutin ko na naman.” “I got conscious tweeting, I’m afraid it’ll be re-tweeted negatively then turn into another issue where I’d be force to explain again”

“Nakakapagod din sagutin.” “I’m tired trying to explain.”




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