Remembering Jayson D.


Jayson before leaving the team

Today is not like any other day.  After a month of being in beta-stage, its all systems go for our newly re-designed website!  You can’t imagine the range of emotions we’re feeling right now.  We’re extremely happy that finally we’ll get to unveil our new design…one that we’re very proud of.  We’re also excited, perhaps too excited.  When you’re this near to realizing something you’ve been working on for so long, you can’t help but feel anxious.  You want everything to come out perfectly, you wish for things to be perfect and you wait with bated breath, one that’s heavy with anticipation.

 There is no doubt in our minds that we may encounter several glitches in the system after going live, but that’s alright because our Team is ready to take on anything right now.  One thing we aren’t ready for is the departure of one of our beloved team member.

Jayson has been with Livshop since it started 2 years ago.  He was instrumental in conceptualizing, creating and running the website that we are still using up to know.  He was also responsible for training our newbie programmers, Don an Mac as well as supporting our Digital Marketer Arnel when he first started.  All three of them have now become very proficient in their tasks, a legacy, I’m sure they are already thanking Jayson for.  He was in essence the core of the IT and Digital Marketing department.

 Having recently joined the team, I did not have the same pleasure of getting to work closely with him myself and that is something I know I will forever miss out on.  It would have been an awesome experience.

I took their pictures 🙂

 Now Jayson says goodbye after 2 years and even before he leaves, the impending void of his absence can already be felt.  Jayson is person of quiet intelligence.  Sure, he does not talk much, but what he lacks in words, he makes up for in action.

 Indeed, the trouble with hello is goodbye.  As we say hello to our new and improved website, we say goodbye to the very person who made it all happen.  We wish Jayson all the best and we know that in whatever it is he will be doing, he will always bring with him his incredible talent, dedication and skill.

 Thank you, Jayson!  We’ll miss you and we hope to see you again.


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