Sarah Geronimo torn between Gerald and family

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson

Showbiz insider Ogie Diaz turned to his twitter account to dish about a blind item that could be pointing to pop princess Sarah Geronimo and avid suitor Gerald Anderson.

In his twitter post that started on July 23 and continued until July 25, Ogie Diaz treated fans of the popular social media network with juicy details pertaining to Gerald Anderson supposedly giving up on courting Sarah Geronimo.

Diaz claims that Gerald has decided to stop pursuing the popular multi-media star because of her mother’s unsavory dealings with him.  He added that Sarah’s father invited Gerald to visit his daughter at home, which the hunky actor did, however, once there, Sarah’s mother showed her disdain by repeatedly giving him the cold shoulder treatment.

Sarah is reportedly torn between her duty as a loving daughter and her growing feelings for the young actor.  In her birthday concert last July 5th at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, one of Sarah’s wish was “freedom”.  Many believed that the 24 year-old performer could be voicing her desire to give her heart to the guy she chooses without worrying about whether her mother approves or not.

At 24, Sarah is of age.  She had dutifully and single-handedly lifted her family from poverty and continue to provide for them even to date.  With all due respect to Mommy Divine, Sarah deserves to grow into her own person, experience falling in love and live her life as she chooses.  It’s understandable that she worries about her daughter but Sarah will never realize the realities of life unless she go through it herself.







  1. ur right The Princess has the right to enjoy like others and besides Sarah give more than enough to her family happiness in return… the parents should understand the daughter and let her free…shes at the right age now, they should let the Princess happy too….Go Sarah….

  2. very sad but true. at the age of 24, i should say you have the right to make your own decision. it is a reflection of maturity. if you get too sheltered, it may not be too good in the future… i do hope, you will in time learn to make your own decisions, learn from your mistakes. you are an adult and your parents should treat you that way.

  3. sarah dear, your at the right age now to decide what you really wanted in your life.di ka naman nagkulang sa magulang mo. naging mabuti kang anak sa matagal na panahon na pagsunod mo sa kanila.kawawa ka naman di ka maka decide para sa sarili mo. at ipaglaban ang taong mahal mo!

    • Love your daughter, give her a chance to grow.we never tell one of this day your not on her side.let her walk by her own.parng Batavia tinuturuan mong maglakad para tumigas ang tuhod. You have to move on mom Devine .dont be so strict otherwise ,huwag mong antsy in mag rebelled si bebe.God bless you always.baka am deppress soya Pareto kayong NASA hospital

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