Gerald Anderson gives up on Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin, proud parents of the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo guested on Sarah G Live! yesterday, July 29.

In this rare guesting in line with the pop superstar’s month-long birthday celebration, both Mommy Divine and Sarah herself answered the nagging question that hounded the young singer as of late: Has Gerald Anderson given up on courting Sarah?

In a portion of Sarah’s musical-variety show with Ai-Ai delas Alas acting as an interviewer, Mommy Divine gave her piece regarding the question.

“Kami nga ni Daddy [Delfin] ang nagbigay ng permiso na ligawan siya [Sarah] sa bahay. “We both gave him permission to court Sarah at home.”

“Kinausap namin talaga siya [Gerald] nang pormal at sabi ko, sa bahay lang puwede ligawan ang anak ko, hindi sa labas o sa text.” “We formally talked to him and told him that he can only court our daughter at home, not outside or through text.”

“Sabi ko, ‘Kung mapapasensiyahan mo ang patakaran naman namin, ganito kami, nirerespeto ka namin, pero sana respetuhin mo rin kami. Kasi babae ang anak ko.” “I  told him ‘ I hope you can respect our policy, we respect you and hopefully you’ll respect us too because our daughter is a girl”’

“Ewan ko lang kung dapat sabihin pero mukhang…” “I don’t know if I should say this but it seems like…” “Pero parang hindi niya mapagtiyagaan ang ganun…” “But it looks like he is unable to do that…”

Sarah defended her mother saying: “Hindi po, sa totoo lang talaga, hindi po ang mommy ko ang nagpatigil kay Gerald na manligaw. Wala.” “Truth be told, it wasn’t my mom that made Gerald stop, no one did.”

Mommy Divine re-assured her daughter that she will find the right guy for her, to which an already weeping Sarah answered:

“Hindi naman ako nagmamadali, Ma, muntik lang.”“I’m in no hurry, mom, just almost.”

In a separate interview, Gerald pleaded not to press him about the controversy surrounding him and Sarah and instead gave a very short reply.

“Okay naman ako.” “I’m okay.”





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