Blind Item: popular lover’s split caused by mature, rich benefactor??

Blind Item!

A new category we’re introducing today is The Little Birdie, juicy Blind Items not for the faint of heart!

We know you savvy gossip-mongers don’t buy into those scandal shrouding cloak that is celebrity publicists and PR teams! Being gossip blog, we do love a bit of speculation, so here’s our first ever BI… give it your best shot…

A little birdie told me that RD’s breakup with PA was not because of PA’s rumored shindig with popular male star.

According to the same birdie, RD’s involvement with mature yet overly rich “benefactor” was the real reason PA called it quits.

This little birdie even added that the mature benefactor is known to choose hunky and model looking guys for personal security. Little birdie added that everyone who works for the mature benefactor knows of his penchant to pick hunky boy-toys, RD included.

Yours truly is shocked to hear about this “revelation” as I myself didn’t know about mature benefactor’s supposedly “other side”!

Hmmm, could there be some truth to this? I wonder!


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