Matteo Guidicelli still mum about relationship status with Maja Salvador

Matteo Guidicelli: skirting the issue?

Once again Matteo dodges questions about him and girlfriend (or is it ex now?), Maja Salvador.

At the recent Star Magic Games last July 29, 2012 at the Celebrity Sports Plaza in Quezon City, Matteo opted to reveal his recent training for Ironman, an intensive five-hour triathlon.

According to Matteo, training for a triathlon is no joke; the participants will have to swim two kilometers, bike 99 kilometers and run a certain distance all within five hours!

When asked about Maja Salvador’s absence during the Star Magic Games, her disappearance falling on the heels of their rumored break-up. Matteo had this to say about their alleged falling-out:

“Yeah, we’re friends, everything is good. Masaya ang Star Magic Games! Hahaha! Masaya tayo dito.”

The guy obviously has no intention answering the all important question, another day perhaps?



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