Paulo Avelino earn viewers ire for “raping” Julia Montes

Julia Montes and Paulo Avelino playing Katerina and Nathan

ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series “Walang Hanggan” on Wednesday night warned millions of its viewers of a Strong Parental Guidance (SPG) rating as Katerina (Montes) was shown being forced to have sex by her husband Nathan (Avelino).

After years of marriage without sexual intimacy, the “psychotic” Nathan was shown attempting to rape Katerina as she was held hostage by her brother Tomas (Joem Bascon) and Johanna (Melissa Ricks).

Katerina, who is in love with Daniel (Coco Martin), barely managed to escape after a struggle with Nathan, but only after she was forced to have sex by her husband.

The scene, which showed Katerina being punched by Nathan repeatedly, proved to be controversial, as viewers of the show posted at rapid pace their reactions on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Netizens especially expressed their anger towards Nathan, who is played by Avelino. Having recently been cited as Best Actor by the Gawad Urian, Avelino has earned raves for his portrayal of the notorious character in “Walang Hanggan.”

Even as the show took on the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board’s (MTRCB) SPG rating as a caution to viewers about the rape scene, the Tuesday episode of “Walang Hanggan” was still the No. 1 most watched show in the country nationwide.


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