Sarah Geronimo contemplating on chopping off long locks

Sarah Geronimo: when will he find “the one”

Pop princess Sarah Geronimo is reportedly considering chopping off her long, beautiful locks!

According to pinoyparazzi, should Sarah go through with it, she is most probably rebelling against her mom’s continued meddling in her personal relationship.

Sarah went through the same stage before, with actor/dancer Rayver Cruz.  We all know what happened to that.  Rayver gave up on her and went to sexy, woman-of-the-world Cristine Reyes.

Now, even if Gerald Anderson does not verbalize it, her mom’s cold treatment of him is the reason why he’s finally throwing in the towel, 5 months after he publicly admitted that he is courting the talented singer/actress.

Gerald first went public about his admiration for Sarah in February, 2012.

Now, it’s happened again and yet another guy gives up on lovely yet sheltered Sarah Geronimo.







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