Kedebon Colim: How to Annoy without Really Trying 101

Kedebon Colim: Annoying Little Fly

I have never made my personal distaste for X-Factor Philippines contestant, 18-year old Kedebon Colim from Cebu private.  From the moment he took to the stage during the nationwide audition, something about him rubbed me the wrong way.  I feel that his theatrics and annoying antics are a bit too much.

It annoyed me that he got through during the audition.  Annoyed me further that he made it to the top 20 at the expense of the others who are clearly more talented than him.  My annoyance went through the roof when Martin chose him to be one of his top 3 at the expense of the more talented and definitely more good-looking Michael Pangilinan, so much that my respect for the concert king nose dived to zero.

I can barely make it through watching him crying every so often without throwing up, that is how much he annoys me.  Tonight, during X-Factor’s first Live Results show, annoying is an understatement.

The over-acting Cebuano lad was beside himself with glee when host, KC Concepcion announced his name as safe from possible elimination.   He basically rolled on the stage floor until he fell off the platform, prompting tasteless mentor, Martin Nievera to check on him.

He made it back to the stage in one piece and as of this writing, no word has been given if the annoying little fly sustained any grave injuries from his fall.

I may get a lot of flak for writing this as it is, but I’m so through with him.

If anyone wants to learn “How to Annoy without Trying 101”, go ask Kedebon.  He does it so well!





  1. Well, I think Kedebon should win. The show is looking for a comedian not a serious talent. (It will push the show’s ratings.) I think the people will keep on voting for Kedebon. I might just vote for him myself though I no longer watch the show. After Martin decided to eliminate two more qualified contestants, I simply lost my interest. What a shame to show the whole world. It is a disgrace .

  2. x factor is not looking for the goodlooks contestant ,its not a fashion show….its about a person who had the ability to entertain the people…well,i agree with sir martin…its a good choice…we need something new…we need to be fair….that’s the biggest problem of our nation…always thinking about goodlooks…my goodness!! time for change…kedebon had an x factor ,he sing.he make people laugh,he dance..and the best one is comedy…thats the x factor!!!

  3. He Got all the the Talent that the XFactor is looking. don’t see the looks but the talent got instead.
    He package it all. he has all, we call all in 1 package you see. and most of all he’s God’s fearing human being. that’s why God pushing him up to the highest level in the competition, you see it.
    So don’t estimate someone whom you don’t know most. okay……..

    Be careful with your heart might coz you pain in your heart….
    there’s one a song that say’s [” be careful with your heart” ] charing………

    God Love’s You…….

    P.s. Go Kedebon Go………

  4. He must be kicked out from the top 11… He is so annoying… He’s okay na sana but his so Over Acting…. He doesn’t have good voice… Many auditioned who deserves more to be in the list..
    I don’t know what what are the judges thinking why they let him in… Anyway let him prove himself…and get well soon…..

      • This was all judges fault! Since day 1 they dina sana sila nag talo kung ipapasok si kedevon para di naging Joke ang XFactor! Nakakahiya……! This is Martin Nievera actually and Arnel Pineda’s Fault! Don’t go for masa! Okay lang sana kung katangap tangap! kaso biniboto ng Masa kasi pinag ti tripan lang! Di nila alam ang effect sa bansa natin! HELLO……!!!!! Hindi ito Owned Talent Show ng bansa this is a franchise……! Please nxt time wag nyo nang gawing mag pasok ng halimaw sa banga! I am not against him pero nakakahiya ang bansa natin! Ok lang sana kung may genuine talent kaso WALA talaga! Trip trip lang ng mga pinoy Iboto…..! Yan ang pinoy tripper,,,,,,,! Nakakahiya!!!!!

  5. inggit lang kayo kay kedebond dahil wala sa mga ina idol nyo na nasa ky kedebond……..
    kung ako pa sa inyo, isara yng mga big mouth nyo. baka atakihin kayo sa high blood dyan…….
    at higit sa laht hindi OA si kedebond. you see…….
    yung pag talon ni kedebond ay dahil sa tuwa. hahhaaha……sa inyo nalang.

    Just call him bond….kedebond…..hehehee

    P.s. baka hinimatay kayo sa inggit dyan!!!

    Maloloka kayo…….inggitirat inggitiro…..

  6. I do agree with the author. I mean, come on. Kedebon in the Top 12? Jerrianne leaving before Kedebon? The thing is that the voting public is blinded by all his antics, so regardless of his underwhelming talent, he still gets through. People need to be always reminded that this is a singing competition not a personality contest.

  7. whatever happens ,even he won’t make it until the grand finals,atleast he prove himself …his the only contestant which people can’t forget…the man had the confident even his not like the other contestant that have the looks…but i salute him!! for being brave…i know inside him that he feel self pitty for himself….but go kedebon………kahit hindi man xia ang mananalo pero alam ko may malaking project ang naghihintay sa kanya…god love’s you kedebon….

  8. well,talking about jerianne,,her voice is common…even before when she was part of the top twelve,,im already disappointed…why charice choose her..while angelica prado is more deserving than her….un ung big mistake ni charice…never mind…ayokong ma stress!!!

  9. The significant question is ” TATAGAL ba yang si KEDEBON at si MODESTO sa music industry?!!!”

    Hell No!! Why? Obviously because they don’t have the appeal for music lovers to purchase their albums, to attend and buy tickets for their concerts. Eh maglabas yan ng album sa market, LALANGAWIN yan!

    Daming more talented at mas may X Factor keysa sa dalawang yan example?! Osang and Michael Pangilinan!

  10. Simply lang ang ibig sabihin sa mga contest na pagsasalihan like X Factor.

    ‘ Matira ang Matibay’

    Yun ang dapat nyong intidihan sa mga paglalaban na yang X factor contestants. na mayroon
    talanggang matatangal isa’t isa sa kanila. Dapat Brave ka talaga sa kahihinatnan sa laban sa yan.

    kaya tayong mga manonood ay dapat bahave lang…. okay.
    hwag padadala nang mga emotions……

    ‘Matira ang Matibay’ nga eh….. at yan ay isang kasabihin na dapat mong uunawain.

    May mga gusto man tayong contestant sa kanila pero ganyan lang talaga.

    May matatanggal kasi tanggalan yan eh…….kuha nyo ba?

    Dapat okay ka lang……oh diba.

    Smile…….Laughter is the best medicine…….


  11. i’m a solid kapamilya for 27 years and this is the first time that i am being ashamed of an abscbn show. i used to brag to my friends about x factor philippines but having kedebon as a finalist made me want stop watching the show. i’m really disappointed with the judges. they are playing safe. if simon cowell runs the xfactorphils, all of them will be fired instantly!!!

  12. Talaga? ikaw na;ang kaya ang sumali sa X FACTOR……


    Kahit isa seguro wala kang FACTOR.

    Hoy! ma ilan ilan lang kayo ang walang tiwala sa idol namin no?

    ang karamihan ay Botong boto at bilib na bilib n bilib sa ina idol namin…….hahaha

    kung ako pa sa iyo, isra ang TV mo at bahala ka s buhay mo.

    care ba namin kung ayaw mong manood. 1% kalang laban sa 99% na nanonood.


  13. I HAVE NOTHING against Kedebon, I like this kid because he makes me laugh, but I AGREE that he should have never made it to the top 20. X-Factor is STILL, first and foremost, a SINGING COMPETITION. And to begin with, Kedebon has BARELY the singing talent that would “wow” the audience. It’s just plain ordinary. His over-confidence, antics and comedic acts–plus the fact that he’s not good-looking– are what make the masa vote for him. Which is really SAD, because X-Factor is not about it. X-Factor is about someone who could AMAZE you, not AMUSE you. Again, I have nothing against Kedebon, I don’t care about his looks as long as he has the talent (by the way Jovit Baldivino doesn’t have good look, but he has the SINGING TALENT). The X-Factor in other countries don’t look for “handsome or pretty” contestants either, but when they sing, they really amaze the audience. Kawawa naman yung ibang contestant who are REALLY gifted and who have spent years perfecting their talents (like Angelica Prado, Abigail Mendoza, Michael Pangilinan, Osang, etc), only to find out that a “mediocre talent who makes people laugh” is what will make you go to the top. That’s really BS and a joke.

  14. I am a Cebuano and di ko intention na siraan ans sarili kong kababayan pero I agree on everything the author said… I’m not really sure if the the judges are watching X-Factor ng ibang bansa. It seemed that they do not know what the show is all about. Me myself is an avid fan of X-Factor eversince kahit san pa yang lupalop ng mundo and lahat ng bet ko na contestants ang nananalo or within top 3, pero so far ang X-Factor Phils and pinaka-nakaka discourage. Ang taas ng expectations ko sa show na to kaso i can say na “PLANGAK” ang show na to. Especially when Kedebon arrived. I cannot understand why he is still on the show up until now. He can sing, but that’s just it. No impact at all. And the way he reacts? Waaaaaaay out of this universe… Over reaction… It’s so un-natural… I don’t have bad intentions for you Kedebon but please be more natural… Someone qouted above na if it was Simon Cowell running the show, he’s definitely gonna kick-off the judges… Sana naging mga contestants na lng yang mga judges na yan… mas bebenta pa ang show… the judges do not know how to judge a singing contest like X-Factor…

  15. Today, I’ve just finished watching the replay of XFP Results Night on Aug. 26th and was again (for the nth time) disappointed. Actually the only reason I kept on watching the show is to be entertained and amazed with genuine talents. I won’t disclose my bets here to ensure that my viewpoints would remain objective as possible. I’m from Canada and I’ve been a “kapamilya” fan ever since. Now, I don’t know the real reasons why ABS-CBN has become recently a “disgrace,” if I may say that because the first reality show I was discouraged about was the recent PBB Teens Edition 4 results and now, this one, XFP. I don’t personally know Kedebon and I don’t have anything personal against him either, but I would say that, true enough, the judges (especially Martin) made a big mistake in including him into the Top 12 finalists. And it seems they have fallen in a quicksand and can’t get out of there. So, therefore, Martin should have to stand by Kedebon no matter what. In other words, there’s no turning back anymore as Kedebon’s mentor. It really does happen that errors are done by judges because their decisions are somehow influenced by their personal prejudices on the contestants. But, XFP is quite a huge production and should have been treated with full and meticulous systematic procedures and that judges should have been well informed of the possible consequences if wrong decisions could have not been avoided. Again, I don’t hate Kedebon and I don’t like him either as one of the finalists. Everytime he sings and do his funny antics on stage or even during the spiel interviews, I don’t find him quite amusing. In fact, naiirita ako… but I still watch him hoping that he might have something “new” to offer to prove his detractors wrong. But, as usual, it’s still the same — nothing new. Same very dry, disappointing and annoying performance by Kedebon. I could still remember the day when I was shocked because Michael Pangilinan was dropped from the Top 12. The, there was A.K.A. Jam and now, Modesto. Isn’t it quite annoying and makes me angry whenever the judges say that it is XFP and the criteria that they have to follow in choosing deserving contestants should be based on talent, looks, sustainability and popularity of the talent in the entertainment business. Sure, now I’m wondering, where’s that criteria now? Why does Kedebon always stay and saved — apparently, he has some followers who are doing their best job yet to vote for him, so that would save him from being eliminated. If you’re like me who have your own bet, make sure you vote for him/her, too. I mean, really VOTE ALL OUT! I hope this recently concluded results night would be the last one to put another pure talent to waste. Godspeed…

  16. i’m so dissapointed why some hate kedebon? maybe only one reason why?……….

    Dahil……….inggit lang kayo kay kedebon.

    CHARING na lang sa inyo hihimayin kayo dyan.

    Basta sa amin si kedebond, kedekedekedebond ang pinakamagaling sa lahat nang contestant sa X FACTOR. Siya ang may pinakamataas na may TALENTO…..

    O kuha nyo……na. siya ang nag bibigay saya sa contest.


    GO GO GO KEDEBON…….Maraming nagmamahal sa iyo lalo’t na ang panginoong Hesus ked.

  17. Are you happy now guys that Kedebon was eliminated? You should have texted your favorite contestants from the beginning to avoid kedebon from getting in instead of just murmuring here and there! Is that all you can do? you want your favorites to win then VOTE give some effort because Kedebon’s fans we’re also spending their time and effort. Saying bad comments is you can do!

  18. I don’t like Kedebon.. but I like Jovit.. pareho silang kulang sa looks but at least Jovit has an X Factor.. he can sing unlike Kedebon na pang videoke lang

    I really don’t get it why Kedebon stayed for along time than AKA JAM and even Modesto??

    sa mga fans ni Kedebon, if ever magkakaroon sya ng album.. bibili ba kayo??

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