Charice: Under New Management

Charice: missing the old ‘her’

Pinay international superstar, Charice is under new management, or more appropriately, under a new manager.

Charice made her announcement via her Twitter account:

“A bit of news, Grace Mendoza is no longer my manager. I thank her for the work and time she has spent with me. Courtney Blooding is the new point of contact for me. You can reach her at” 

This is the second time Mendoza was axed as the dimunitive diva’s manager.  The first incident happened sometime in May, last year.  She was forced to resign following a “confusion” regarding Charice’s supposed entry in the hit American show, “Glee,”.

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Canadian Courtney Blooding was once Charice’s personal assistant, turned Road Manager, and now turned full-time manager.  Charice and Courtney share something in common; they’ve both worked with the legendary David Foster.

With her new manager in place, I hope she jolts Charice back to reality and force her to abandon her ‘new look’, a look that, in my personal opinion did nothing to her except turn off some of her loyal fans.  Just saying.





  1. Having a new Manager does not mean Charice will abandon her new look. She expressed that time and again. That is the look that she wants and where she is happy and comfortable as she changed her focus from ballads to RNB/Pop. Nobody among her loyal and true fans turned away. Chasters remained loyal & more supportive of her as she continues to become a huge star. No other races among her millions of fans around the world said that they don’t like Charice new look. Only Filipinos , her own countrymen who keeps on criticizing her. It’ s a very sad and shameful reality. But Charice is a very strong woman. She knows what she wants, she knows where she is going and she knows that tough times never last, but tough people do. She will prevail and eventually become a Superstar because that is her destiny.

  2. I love Charice, but I love the old her more. She was very pretty looking the way she did in the past. I wished she didn’t have to change her ‘image’ there was nothing wrong with it in the first place

  3. I really don’t care with the looks, the hair color or what as long as she loves her fans its already enough for me. No matter what people say i don’t care they have their business and we are all talking about the talent not the face and For The looks she had right now, fits on the genre that she wants to sing

  4. It’s sad that some folks are stuck to the past with crazy glue. I admire Charice before and still admire her now. If her new look makes her happy, why complain? So-called “loyal fans” who were supposedly turned off by her new look should leave and not come back! Who needs sickos?

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