Maricel Soriano is one of’s 35 most beautiful celebrities over 35

Maricel Soriano

Popular online website is currently running a poll to determine which celebrity actress over 35 is the most beautiful.

35 Celebrities over 35 + Who’s the most beautiful?

Which of these stars got even more gorgeous with age? Cast your vote for the most beautiful actress in this poll!

A lot of women strive to cling to youth as they grow older, but some also practice the art of aging gracefully. The women in this gallery prove that you don’t have to be in your 20s to look beautiful. After all, as you grow older, you also become more comfortable in your body, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. 

Look through the gallery below for a list of female stars over 35 whose beauty transcends age. Which of these celebrities do you believe is the most beautiful? Let us know by taking our poll! Just scroll through the photos until you get to your bet, then click the “Vote” button. You may vote as many times as you like until August 31. 

The Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano is included in the list.  Prove that diamonds are indeed forever by voting for the Philippines 3rd most awarded, most versatile star in their poll.  Hit the link to vote below:


Actress, 47

The Diamond Star is one of the country’s best awarded actresses, and despite being in the industry for decades, she remains as enthusiastic about her work as she was when she first started–which must be why her beauty continues to bloom. She was YES! Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Celebrity in 2006, and she was part of the magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars list from 2007 to 2009.

Cast your vote!
Important: Scroll through the actress gallery and look for Maricel’s image and profile before voting!

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