Miley Cyrus’ Hairstyle: Hot or Not?


Miley Cyrus: this is now, that’s before look

Miley Cyrus made a drastic change to her look that shocked her fans.

The former Disney star tweeted her fans earlier that she will don anew hairstyle. But when Miley posted the photo of her new hair on Twitter, some of her fans rejected the decision.

Despite the criticisms, Miley still likes her new look:

 “Never felt more me in my whole life. Someone just told me Im prettier than Miley Cyrus.”

And to those who didn’t like her new do, here’s what Miley has to say:

 “my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me ‘opinions are like (a**)holes every body has one’ Love my hair feel so happy, pretty, and free”

So what do you guys think? Should we give Miley an A for courage or a resounding F for worst hairstyle ever? Sound off with your comments below.



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