Derek Ramsay reacts to Angelica Panganiban’s ‘Perfect Sunday’

Derek Ramsey defends Angelica Panganiban from Twitter bashing

Derek Ramsay, just like any other Pinoy celebrity with a Twitter account, took to the microblogging site to express his views on a photo posted by ex-flame Angelica Panganiban on the photo sharing site Instagram that showed her and John Lloyd Cruz together.

While many have made conclusions about the post, Derek still won’t make his, except for one observation: Angelica is happy.

In his response to a tweet by @pipawlala, saying, “She (Angelica) said she didn’t deny anything , this picture then, must confirm everything. What can you say?,” Derek responded: “I don’t know if they are together but Angel looks happy. Let’s be happy for her.”

‘Angel isn’t a cheater’

In another tweet, @xzyoume said, “@IamDerekRamsay is nice enough for @IamAngelicaP. Cheaters will regret!!! Bagay si Angelica and JL parehong lasinggero.”

Derek replied, “hi! Pls don’t be like that. Let’s be happy for Angel. She isn’t a cheater.”

Derek gamely responded to these tweets amid the much talked-about Instagram posts by Angelica that allegedly confirmed she and John Lloyd are an item.

It showed a collage of photos showing what seems to be a vacation getaway. Titled “Perfect Sunday!!!” the collage presented a photo at the center bottom showing her and John Lloyd in one frame with the caption, “According to the guy in pink.” John Lloyd wore a pink polo.

Now open with relationship

People who saw the post commented that it was Angelica’s way of presenting her openness regarding her relationship with John Lloyd, which blossomed after a project in Vietnam.

The status had been sketchy but this “revelation” had allegedly made it clear.

Derek had confirmed in May that he and Angelica had called it quits, which is around the same time when Shaina Magdayao also admitted that she and John Lloyd were no longer together.  This was the time when links between Angelica and John Lloyd started.



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