Charice and Pilita: Head to Head

The X-Factor PHILIPPINES, whose mentee is leaving this week?

Judge-mentors Charice and Pilita Corrales are now tied in having only two contestants as mentees in the competition as the biggest musical event “The X Factor Philippines” trims down the top 12 finalists every week.

Charice was the first to bid goodbye to her mentee Jerrianne Templo from the Girls and just last Sunday (Aug 12) and Pilita also said farewell to one of her mentee from the Over 25s, Mark Mabasa. Mark and all male group Takeoff were at the bottom two last week and the judges were split on their decisions. Since the judges were at deadlock, the public votes sent Mark home who got 3.72% of votes vs Takeoff’s 3.90%.

Ten remaining acts battle it out this week in another intense musical showdown with the theme rock and roll. Be sure to save your favorites from being in the bottom two and vote for them after they all perform on Saturday (Aug 18) night.



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