X-Factor Philippines: Kedebon stumbles, AKA Jam ruled the night

AKA Jam, did they win voters hearts with Destiny’s Child’s, Survivor?

Kedebon did the opening tonight and well, his mentor Judge Martin was the only who had something nice to say, Pilita said it was not good enough for her, Charice did not like it because of pitch issues, and Gary V was critical of it.

AKA Jam however stole the spotlight with their rendition of Survivor by Destiny’s Child. Now remember that tonight’s performances were about rock songs, so this was the beef of Charice because she said Survivor isn’t a rock song and the female group even rapped!

Now, now, Charice.  Aren’t you taking things literally here? Survivor may not be a Rock anthem but you have to admit, the girls worked on the arrangement and turned it into a Rock song, plus they rocked it with their explosive performance last night.

Who goes home tonight? I would go for Kedebon, seriously this joker has overstayed his welcome.  But his ‘Kedebonds’ (eww) will probably vote their crazy *ss off to keep this talentless lad in the running which means another deserving contestant gets the boot.



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