Protégé cuts 5, reveals Top 15

GMA 7’s Protege unveils top 15

After the Bottom 10 performed on stage for a talent face-off on Sunday, August 19, five of them were eliminated leaving a top 15 that will continue the battle for the next big artista break.

During the first elimination night of Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break, two protégés from each region clashed for a spot in the Top 15. They are:

Mykel Ong vs Arny Ross from South Luzon;
Zandra Summer vs Mitch Capili from Visayas;
Vien Alen King vs Kelly D. from Mega Manila;
Apple Vega vs Ruru Madrid from Mindanao;
Japs de Luna vs Glenn Roy from North and Central Luzon.

Based from the face-off, each mentor decided to eliminated their following protégés…

North and Central Luzon:
Ricky Davao eliminated Glenn Roy

Jolina Magdangal eliminated Mitch Capili

Mega Manila:
Roderick Paulate eliminated Kelly D.

South Luzon:
Gina Alajar eliminated Mykel Ong

Philip Salvador eliminated Apple Vega

With 5 contestants leaving the show, 15 contestants remain in the competition…


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