Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi to get married this year

Carmina and Zoren will finally tie the knot this year

After 14 years of living together, Carmina Villaroel and long-time partner Zoren Legaspi will finally tie the knot.

Carmina confirmed she will marry Zoren via a civil wedding anytime this year

“I do not want a big wedding firstly because we are both shy. We want it to be really simple with only our families in attendance,” she said.

According to Carmina, despite the absence of marriage, she is very happy with her life with Zoren and their twins Mavy at Cassy. “It’s not a typical relationship. Zoren is a perfect match for me because he always understands me and lets me be myself. I won’t be who I am today without him,” she said.

Meanwhile, Carmina’s birthday this year was made memorable by the staff and her co-stars in the top-rating Primetime Bida teleserye of ABS-CBN, “Lorenzo’s Time.”

“I celebrated my birthday on our taping. It’s so much fun because they all sang for me, I had my birthday cake, there were balloons, and we did nothing but eat,” shared Carmina.


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