Ruffa Gutierrez and Derek Ramsay: Romance made in London?

Ruffa and Derek, making sweet music together?

With Angelica Panganiban moving up and about with her life after breakup with Kapamilya turned Kapatid, Derek Ramsay, the actor is rumored to follow suit, and the lucky girl, TV5 Princess Ruffa Gutierrez!

Ruffa and Derek had a chance meeting in London during the London Olympics. Ruffa was with her daughter Lorin and Venice while Derek was on official news duty as TV5 sports correspondent.

The chance encounter is rumored to be steadily growing into something bigger, with heartbroken (?) Derek possibly finding love with a slightly older Ruffa.

If the rumor mill is true, this could play out like one of those Korean teleserye’s we Filipinos are so fond of.

Who knows, maybe, just maybe, Derek could turn out to be the one for Ruffa.

Both exceedingly good-lookin and equally successful individuals, Ruffa and Derek does make a perfect couple.

Let’s just wait and see.



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