Blackberry OS for 9860 Torch 2: First Impressions

I have to say this out loud! I am in-love with my new toy!

RIM’s (Research in Motion) full-touch screen Blackberry 9860 is a wonderful addition to the BB family!

This 3.7-inch touchscreen is the largest RIM has ever made, it’s also the highest resolution, with a handy 480 x 800 pixels on display. The screen resolution is perfectly crisp and clear and does wonder to the new Blackberry OS 7!

I have had this baby for almost a week now and truthfully, I’m loving this phone every day.  I am a self-confessed crackberry and it makes me so happy that finally, RIM has managed to catch up with the competition.

Mine came with the stock OS 7.1 and being the tech-geek that I am I wasted no time updating my phone to the newest version: OS

Prior to this update, I updated it to OS which added wifi hotspot capability, among others,  to its already impressive smartphone feature.  Now, after the latest version, I’ve noticed that my phone has become more fluid, faster and much snappier than ever.  Of course, the memory boost is a much welcome change.  I had on left 108mb after downloading apps such as foursquare, wordpress, picmix and etc.  With the update, the phone memory went back to 155mb, impressive in a way that none of the apps I downloaded before were removed.

I will do a proper review of this wonderful device soon but for now, I can happily say that I have never been more proud of being a crackberry than now.




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