Claudine Barreto:Falling too fast, too soon?

Claudine Barreto: Untold Stories

Claudine Barreto, once Star Cinema and ABS-CBN’s prized talent could be seeing her star fade faster than she imagined.

GMA 7 CEO Felipe Gozon confirmed what everyone had been speculating about for months.  They have chosen not to renew her contract.

Claudine originally signed a 2 year exclusive contract with the Kapuso Network that ended November last year.  Unfortunately for the embattled actress, GMA 7 did not renew her contract after it expired.

When asked if the decision to not renew Claudine’s contract had something to do with her and husband Raymart Santiago’s involvement in the NAIA scandal, Gozon said no and simply said: “iyon ang desisyon ng inampalan” “that’s what the panel decided”

But the bad news just kept on coming. In a text message sent by TV5’s Head of Creative and Entertainment productions, Percy Intalan, he said that they do not have any long-term plans for the actress.

“Claudine just taped one episode of Untold Stories. Beyond that, we have no long term plans.”

It had been previously reported that Claudine’s home studio of 17 years, ABS-CBN and its Talent Arm, Star Magic had firmly made their decision not to take the beleaguered actress back.

Star Magic head Mariole Alberto confirmed that Claudine called Mr. M on his birthday last February 11, but that the latter would not speak to Claudine.

When asked if Claudine had tried to return to ABS-CBN, however, Ms. Alberto “waved the question away” and said: “The point is, it’s better that you let them go and they choose to stay.”


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