Jolibee and the Tale of the Masquerading Chick-en

Jolibee’s chick-en thigh-let

Was on my way home from an overtime in the office when I deliberated on having late lunch at either Jolibee or McDonald’s. I was craving for 2-piece burger steak so Jolibee was the logical choice.

The nearest Jolibee from the office was the one in Alphaland but seeing that it was jam-packed I decided to take the short walk to Evangelista where another of their branch is located.

By the time I got there I was already beyond famished! Instead of ordering burger steak which was what I originally wanted, I decided to order their famous chickenjoy after one of the staff told me they have thigh part.

Imagine my surprise when my order was served! The damn chicken thigh was a thigh-let! It was tiny! I asked the lady from the counter if they have something bigger and she brushed me off with a resounding no!

Seething, I took my seat and ate, silently reminding myself to cross off Jolibee from my future fastfood option.

I ended up not finishing my food. I pitied the poor thing. I couldn’t force myself to eat that chick that masqueraded as a chicken. Bummed, I left Jolibee in a huff.

Lesson learned: stick to what you’ve originally craved for, least you end up with a chicken thighlet like I did.


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