Keith Urban to join AI judging table?

Keith Urban, Idol’s 4th judge?

It looks like American Idol wants some country in the judging panel as they reportedly signed up Keith Urban

According to reports, Keith Urban will complete the all-new judging panel of American Idol next year. He will sit alongside Mariah Careyand Nicki Minaj as Randy Jackson will be be moved into more of a mentoring role like Jimmy Iovine.

Apparently, Urban agreed to take the position for only $3 million.

In a related report, the producers of American Idol are contemplating of hiring a fourth judge. They offered Katy Perry $20 million for the position but the popstar declined saying the job is not her cup of tea.

Hmmm, and I thought Nick Jonas was the fourth judge? Whatever happened to him? Cut even before the show started?

Well, it’s about time Idol gets someone who understands country music.  Surely, with the number of country music hopefuls, they will definitely benefit from Keith’s expertise.  I hope they do sign him on.



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