Artista Academy: Cuts Jon, Drops Julia

Jon Orlando and Quisumbing: doomed love team

Jon Orlando is the second student to be kicked out of Artista Academy, following the elimination of Chris Leonardo last week. Julia Quisumbing, on the other hand, has been dropped out due to absences.

Jon Orlando – The Filipino-Italian from Canada failed to level up in Saturday’s Live Exam, where he landed at the bottom 5 with Brent Manzano, Nicole Estrada, Julia Quisumbing and Marvelous Alejo.

After the students’ grades from the Asian Academy of Television Arts (AATA) and the text votes were factored in, Jon received the lowest points for the week, making him the second kick-out of TV5’s reality-based artista search.

Meanwhile, Julia Quisumbing is also eliminated in the competition. The Jessica Biel look-alike has been dropped out due to absences.

With both youngsters out of the competition: Akihiro Blanco, Alberto Bruno, Benjo Leoncio, Brent Manzano,Chanel Morales, Malak So Shdifat, Mark Neumann, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Shaira Mae, Sophie Albert, Stephanie Rowe, and Vin Abrenica are left in the running to compete for the unbelievable 20 million total prize.


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