Angel Locsin: When it rains, it pours

Angel Locsin: its pouring blessings!

Blessings are pouring in on actress Angel Locsin with the many film projects given to her. The actress however wishes to be back in doing teleseryes.

Her last project was a back-to-back team-up with John Lloyd Cruz in the teleserye “Imortal” and in the film “Unofficially Yours”.

This year, she was given two movies to work on – “One More Try”, a film that will join the Manila Film Fest this December and a horror-comedy film that co-stars Vhong Navarro.

According to the actress however, the aspired teleserye won’t arrive this year.

“There are plans but it won’t be this year. Most likely next year,” said Angel.

“I really enjoy doing films, but since I’m a breadwinner, I want to be able to save up,” she added.

Despite this, the actress is positive that next year is the best time for a teleserye because it would be difficult for her to manage it with her upcoming films.



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