Prince Harry to Sharon Osbourne: ‘f**k off.’

Prince Harry: guys gotta way with words

Britain’s Prince Harry once told Sharon Osbourne to ‘f**k off.’

The 27-year-old prince met the outspoken reality TV star at Buckingham Palace and when she asked him to hold her handbag while she went to the bathroom, he refused outright.

Sharon recalled: ‘I was at the Palace and I wanted to go to the bathroom, which was a big schlep along all this hallways and staircases.

‘I said to him would you watch my bag while I go to the loo. And he said ‘f**k off’. I asked a prince to watch my bag and he wasn’t having it.

‘How fabulous and what a fabulous answer in jest.’

Sharon also said Harry should be proud of his ‘stunning’ body after he was photographed getting naked during a game of strip billiards in his private hotel room at Las Vegas Wynn hotel.

She told US TV show ‘The View’: ‘He’s stunning, he’s so stunning. He has got a really, really good personality. How fabulous to be a prince, to be handsome, to have a big old schlong and throw it all over the place. I do not know whether the picture was enhanced, but it looks quite fabulous.’



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