Nora Aunor: ‘Thy Womb’ A Well-Deserved Comeback

Once touted to be the original multi-media star, Superstar Nora Aunor went into hiatus for years after several personal challenges and career roadblocks.

The road to reclaim her old glory hadn’t been easy for Ate Guy, as fans fondly call her.  But a talent of Nora’s caliber cannot, will not be denied.

Her most recent film with prolific director, Brilliante Mendoza is a testament to the undeniable grit, raw talent and exceptional acting gem that is Nora Aunor.

‘Thy Womb’ is currently competing in the 69th Venice Film Festival and shortly after its official screening, critics are once again in agreement, Nora Aunor is a ‘national treasure’.

‘Thy Womb’ was well-received by critics and audience alike.  The reviewers call Nora’s performance in the film ‘exciting’ and earned for the actress and the rest of the cast and crew a 5-minute standing ovation.

The digitally-restored version of the Superstar’s other film, the classic ‘Himala’ was also shown in the said film festival.

If Ate Guy needed a powerful reminder of how potent she is as an actress, ‘Thy Womb’ did it for her.

Kudos to 2009 Cannes Best Director Brilliante Mendoza for bringing back the Superstar in our midst.  Congratulations ‘Thy Womb’!



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