X-Factor Philippines: Joan Da eliminated!

Joan Da bites the dust

Her sterling performance of Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Billie Jean’ was not enough to earn audience support for three-time bottom two dweller, Joan Da.

Joan is the sixth finalist to be eliminated from The X Factor Philippines after Jerrianne Mae Templo (girls), Mark Mabasa (over 25’s), A.K.A. JAM (girls), Modesto Taran (over 25’s) and Takeoff (groups).

Allen Sta. Maria joined Joan in the bottom 2.  The two girls had to sing for their lives with Joan singing Auburn’s ‘All About Him’ while Allen performed Willow Smith’s ‘I Am Me’.

Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and Charice voted for Joan to go with Pilita Corrales, Joan’s mentor the only one voting for her to stay.

Joan was voted off after her third time in the bottom 2, the same fate that befell Takeoff, who like Joan got booted off after their third appearance  in the bottom 2.

Kedebon Colim, the talentless, x-factorless contestant remains in the competition.  This despite host, KC Concepcion’s plea for everyone to vote for the best.

Next week, the remaining 6 hopefuls will once again take to the stage in their bid to be the first ever X-Factor Philippines Grand Winner.

Hmmm, shouldn’t we just ask the remaining 5 to go home and hand over the crown to Kedebon?  This show is becoming a farce week after week.






  1. It’s going to be Kedebon and KZ in the grandfinals. And, of course, Kedebon is going to WIN. He’s going to show everybody that the talents and appeal of all finalists are NOTHING compared to his jaw-dropping, spine-tingling, circus-inspired performance. His heart and energy are ENOUGH to beat all the pretenders in the x-factor. He will represent the Philippine talent, saying “Hi, I’m the grandwinner of X-Factor! I’m the best the Philippines can offer!”

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