The iPhone 5: much ado about nothing

the new iPhone

Tech giant Apple finally unveiled its latest smartphone offering and everyone agrees: too much hype!

Prior to its official launching, several leaks have already made it out to the internet.  The leaks proved to be true as the iPhone 5 turned out to be exactly as rumors say it would be:  bigger screen, improved processor and Facetime over cellular network.

Thing is, these features are no longer new.  High-end android and windows phone already have this as standard smartphone makeup, well all except Facetime.

For all the hype it generated, the new iPhone failed to impress.

Now more than ever, the genius that was Steve Jobs is sorely missed.  Tim Cook, the new Apple CEO knew he would never match, much more surpass Jobs.  This could well be the reason he opted to put more thought to the new iPod line than the iPhone.

Cook is a businessman, and he is good at it.  Jobs on the other hand is a visionary.  He built the Apple empire with the vision of offering more to consumers than just plain texting and calling.

Apple may still be able to sell millions of the new iPhone, but in a saturated smartphone market where innovation is key, it is also a very real possibility that the new iPhone could well be the end of Apple’s glory days.




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